BIM – Building Information Modeling Solutions
Creating a finished product from paper plans has incorporated a wide variety of job site methods and tools – from measuring tapes, levels, lasers, advanced surveying total stations and even GPS receivers. No matter what tools have been used, construction layout is always a critical point to any project.

Architectural designs are becoming increasingly complexe and demand more accuracy in construction layout. With the ever increasing capabilities and benefits of technology, and the increased need for information managment, construction layout has changed from simply marking a point to recording the as-built position of the actual installation. Ultimately that point., and all project information, is collected and maintained for the life of the structure. Wheter construction a new building, road, or pipeline, BIM has changed the practice of construction layout.

As a leader in the precision measurment and positioning industry for more than 85 years, Topcon is leading the way with innovative, productive BIM solutions. Wheather your jobs are underground utilities, buildings, infrastructure, foundations and footings, landscaping, electrical, mechanical, or simply digging a swimming pool, Topcon has advanced 3D layout and BIM soluutions for you